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Title: DISARTS Professional learning programme

Funding: University of Cyprus, Internal Research Grant (though competition), €30 000

Duration: 2019-2021

Research co-ordinator: Simoni Symeonidou

Postgraduate collaborator: Marina Democratous

Description: DISARTS was located in the Disability Studies theoretical framework and aimed to provide teacher professional learning opportunities on disability issues. The purpose of the programme was to empower teachers to design and implement lesson plans, that included the work of people with disabilities, either directly or indirectly. The programme used poems, literary texts, works of art, songs, videos, interviews and other material developed by people with disabilities. Participating teachers were involved in school–based professional learning activities. Through the knowledge, attitudes and skills developed through DISARTS, teachers were empowered to develop anti-oppressive curricula in order to (re)construct the concept of disability at school level.