The project ‘Tesserae of Knowledge’ offers two educational programmes targeting primary school teachers and students. The programmes take the ideas and materials included in the ‘Tesserae of Knowledge’ as a starting point, and aim to inform and engage teachers and students in discussing disability related issues. Participation in the programmes is free of charge.
‘Tesserae of Knowledge’ go to school

The programme targets primary school teachers and students. It is designed and implemented in the school class, in collaboration with the class teacher. In particular, teachers initially contact the programme co-ordinator, in order to discuss and decide about the focus of an eighty-minutes lesson. The topic of the lesson may be part of any subject of the National Curriculum and address one disability related issue (e.g. the right of persons with disabilities in a particular area, the views of persons with disabilities on social practices that are considered ‘good practice’ for persons with disabilities, issues of accessibility in information and in the built environment, etc.). The lesson plan (goals, activities, means and materials, evaluation) is developed collaboratively between the school teacher and the programme co-ordinator, and it uses materials included in the digital archive of the ‘Tesserae of Knowledge’ project. The programme co-ordinator supports the process so that the topic and lesson plan considers the students’ age, previous knowledge, and the theoretical ideas of Disability Studies. The implementation of the lesson plan takes the form of co-teaching between the school teacher and the programme co-ordinator.
‘Tesserae of Knowledge’ go to the library

The programme targets class teachers and primary school students and it takes place in the library of the University of Cyprus. The program aims to inform students about the concept of disability, the dominant stereotypes about persons with disabilities and the views of persons with disabilities, expressed through their arts and narratives, about these stereotypes. The programme uses materials from the digital archive of the ‘Tesserae of Knowledge’ project and it includes a presentation and discussion with the programme co-ordinator, a presentation about the library, and group work in the library. The programme has a duration of four hours.
For further information and participation in each programme, all interested teachers can contact the programme co-ordinator Simoni Symeonidou (phone: 22892932, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).