• Completed Admission Form (You may find the document here)
    • Biographical note (CV)
    • Official copies of university degrees from accredited institutions of higher education
    • Official copies of transcripts
    • Brief report on personal goals and research interests (about 2-3 pages)
    • Certificates and/or other documentation which prove the level of knowledge of the English language
    • Name and addresses of three (3) university professors from whom the candidates have requested formal letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies of the Department of Psychology (You may find the document here). The Department may request additional confidential information.
    • Any other documentation which the candidate deems necessary to strengthen and further support his/her application for admission, such as articles, research reports, academic distinctions, and any other relevant information.
    • For the Doctoral Programmes it is requested that prior to submitting their application, the candidate contacts a faculty member in the Department of Psychology with common research interests to ensure that the particular faculty will be able to provide supervision during the student's doctoral studies/dissertation.