The Academic Advisors are members of the faculty of the University of offering voluntarily the experience they gained on education and careers. They provide specialized information to students on their undergraduate, postgraduate studies and employment prospects.

Such support is targeted to needs, abilities, values and convictions of students and fulfilling basic functions the following:

The main responsibilities of the Academic Council may be summarized as follows:

Note: At the beginning of each semester students are informed by the Student Services of the University for specific times and days when you can visit their academic advisors appointed by the Department. The meetings usually take place within the building department. The dates of meetings and carried out a few days before their registrations.

Students have the right during the semester to request a meeting with their academic advisor. The academic advisor is the same for the entire semester and is the one who the student visited at the beginning of the semester. These meetings are a predetermined date and specific days and times set by the academic advisor.