The Cyprus Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Higher Education (CYQAA) is responsible for the external evaluation and accreditation of Institutions, Departments, and Programmes of Study operating in Cyprus.

The duration of the accreditation lasts for five years.

>For the external evaluation of the existing Programmes of Study and Departments, the University submits self-assessment reports to CYQAA sixteen months prior to the expiration accreditation date. The CYQAA is responsible for setting up an external evaluation committee as well as setting the date of the site visit.
During the site visit, the external evaluation committee holds meetings with University representatives such as the:

• Rectorate
• Teaching and academic staff
• Students/Alumni
• Administrative staff

Upon the completion of the process, the external committee submits the evaluation report. Consequently, the Academic Units prepare and submit to the CYQAA an action plan to address any weaknesses found. Finally, the CYQAA board decides on accreditation according to the provided documents.

Additionally, external evaluation and accreditation are required for new Programs of Study prior to operation.