The Quality Assurance System (QAS) defines the framework for achieving excellence in teaching and learning. It is an essential mechanism that includes quality criteria, rules of operation, policies, and fit-for-purpose actions to the educational process and the Program of Study. In addition, a number of QA tools have been developed for following up results and supporting the decision-making bodies to improve the quality of the Programs of Study.

Additionally, QAS includes tools for regular monitoring and measurement of learning results and systematic improvement actions aiming to ensure quality.

Field of application

The QAS is applied to all the Programs of Study offered by the University of Cyprus. Inter-university Programs of Study may apply additional mechanisms in order to meet the requirements of the collaborating Institutions.


The key pillars of the QAS are the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the University as stated in the updated Strategic Plan 2021-2025. The QAS, therefore, approaches quality assurance matters both systematically and holistically applied to the core and support functions of research and teaching.


The most significant partners of the QAS are primarily the members of the University Community: Students, Academic, and Administrative Staff. In addition, external partners’ participation in the QAS considered crucial, such as the representatives of professional bodies, the Ministry of Education, graduates, companies, and organizations, as well as governmental and local authorities.