Committee Responsibilities

Committee Members


Committee Responsibilities


The Internal Quality Assurance Committee performs an advisory role to the University Senate and its main responsibilities include:

  • Implementing the QA policy.
  • Promoting and establishing a quality assurance culture
  • Submitting policy proposals for quality enrichment to the decision-making bodies.
  • Following up the evaluation progress of the Programs and Departments
  • Taking decisions for facing weakness as pointed by the external evaluation committee.

The Committee consists of representatives from all Faculties, two academic experts in quality assurance issues as well as students’ representatives and is chaired by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

The Committee meets regularly, once every three months.


Committee Members


Chairwoman Rectorate

Vice-chairman Accosiate Professor Costas Hadjiyiannis
Representative of
F.Business and Economics

Member Professor Elpida Keravnou
Representative of
F. Pure and Applied Sciences

Member Professor Christoforos Hadjicostis
Representative of
F. Engineering

Member Accosiate Professor Stavroula Constantinou
Representative of
F. Philosophy

Member Accosiate Professor Spiros Martzoukos
Representative of
Graduate School

Member Assistant Professor Nikolas Dietis
Representative of
Medical School

Member Lecturer Sviatlana Karpava
Representative of
F. Humanities

Member Lecturer Panayiotis Antoniou
Representative of
F. Social Sciences and Education

Member Assistant Professor Charalambos Charalambous Expert Specialist

Member Professor Georgios Kazamias Expert Specialist

Member Postgraduate student Maria Diplarou Student Representative

Member Undergraduate student Theofanis Kosta Student Representative

Committee secretary University Officer Demetra Demetri Head of QA Office