The QA Policy supports achieving the University’s strategic goals, as it promotes the culture and philosophy of continuous improvement of the core and semi-periphery procedures of the educational process. In addition, QAP is a guide for continuous development of the internal quality assurance system so that the Curricula meet the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG 2015), the national legal framework as well as the European Qualifications Framework

The basic principles of the Policy are the following:

  1. Culture of continuous improvement: The main goal of the UCY is to achieve excellence in learning and teaching. Therefore, the culture of continuous improvement is a key factor in achieving that goal. In practice, the PDCA cycle is applied to ensure continuous improvement of curricula, teaching, and learning through the periodic review of results in relation to the initial objectives set, pointing out strengths and weaknesses in order to take actions for improvement.
  2. Transparency: The provision of adequate and appropriate information to students and/or prospective students regarding studies at the UCY enhances the transparency regarding the content and requirements of the Curricula, student’s admission procedures, and the diplomas awarded. This is being achieved through the publication of information related to the Curriculum and studies (such as the content of the courses, admission criteria, scholarships and social support measures, Study and study rules, grievance policy, academic diary, course syllabus, course outline), academic staff and facilities.
  3. Accountability: All members of the academic community share the responsibility for ensuring the quality of teaching and learning. Therefore, students, academics, and administrators are evaluated constantly for goal achievment and they are accountable for contributing to the continuous improvement of the quality of the educational process.
  4. Cohesion: The processes followed for the implementation of teaching are systematically governed in terms of organization, planning, and periodic review of results, establishing the culture of continuous improvement.
  5. Extroversion and diversity: Cooperation with external partners and universities abroad is of major importance so that the content of the Curricula includes future developmental and social needs, meets European quality standards, and is comparable to similar programs abroad. Enhancing cooperation between the different Faculties and Departments of the UCY to boost interdisciplinarity and dissemination of good practices is also crucial.

The implementation of the policy is carried out through the operation of the Quality Assurance System.