The Research in Science and Technology Education Group (ReSciTEG) at the University of Cyprus conducts a co-ordinated program of research, curriculum development and instruction. The group includes faculty, research associates, post-doctoral students and graduate students (both at the Master's and PhD level). The director of ReSciTEG is Dr. Zacharias C. Zacharia.
The ReSciTEG members have a lot of experience with designing technology enhanced curriculum in the area of science education and with designing and implementing online inquiry oriented environments for science teaching and learning purposes. Additionally, the ReSciTEG members have a lot of experience with evaluating skills related to the cognitive and affective domain. The group is taking a leadership role in the efforts of the Ministry of Education of Cyprus to implement its eLearning strategy through a series of projects including topics such as designing multimedia environments for science teaching and learning. Our work has received continuous financial support over the years from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and the European Commission (through various programs, e.g., IST, Science and Society, FP 7). Finally, the ReSciTEG members have published papers related to all these research projects in many major journals (e.g., Science, Cognition and Instruction, Learning and Instruction, Journal of Research in Science Teaching).
ReSciTEG is currently engaged in three major projects: the use of virtual and remote labs in the context of inquiry-based (science) learning; development of computer supported inquiry learning environments; raising youth awareness about responsible research and innovation through inquiry-based Science Education.