The Department of Social and Political Sciences SPS is one of the largest university departments in Cyprus with about 450 undergraduate, 50 graduate, and 12 doctoral students. It offers academic programs in the three distinct fields of Sociology, Political Science and Journalism.

More specifically, the Department:

  • Runs three popular undergraduate programs in Political Science (since 1996), Sociology (since 1997) and Journalism (since 2012); an MA program in Political Science (since 2012); an MA program in Peace, Conflict and Democracy (since 2023) and two PhD programs in Political Science and Sociology (since 1999)
  • Runs a Departmental Internship Program, offering the opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students to gain practical training in important public and private organizations
  • Runs one of the largest Erasmus university programs sending and hosting dozens of students through a well-established network of more than 50 universities
  • Participates in inter-university European programs
  • Has an internationalized faculty that undertakes and publishes high-quality research and serves in the editorial boards and editorial teams of well-known international journals
  • Has faculty members who are actively involved in social outreach activities in Cyprus; policy-making in various national and international bodies; and offers expertise in various fora