General presentation – Objectives

The innovative internship programme of the Department of Social and Political Sciences has been successfully implemented since the 2014-2015. The main objectives are:

  • improvement of the employment conditions of the graduates of the Department
  • strengthening of the recognition of the social and political sciences in the Cypriot labour market
  • increasing of the competitiveness of the department's programmes of study and harmonization with corresponding programmes of other international universities

The main objective of the module is to familiarize students with the activities performed by journalists, political scientists or sociologists in the workplace and with the various aspects of this work. Students have the opportunity to join an organization, company, NGO or other institution in Cyprus whose activities are relevant to political science, sociology or journalism for a period of two months during the summer semester.

During the internship, students should:

  • gain a better understanding of how knowledge and skills acquired in their programme of study can be transferred to the workplace
  • acquire specialized knowledge in specific areas of activity so that they can deepen their academic training in these fields (e.g. through a BA thesis, specialization courses, continuing their education at postgraduate level)
  • develop critical thinking about work practices and of the connection between theory and practice
  • create a professional network that can contribute to their future careers.

Information for students


Partner organisations

The Department has already signed Memoranda of Cooperation with the following organisations: