About the ERA Chair Holder

Brief Bio: Prof. Zacharias Maniadis (Zach) is the ERA Chair holder in Science and Innovation Policy and Studies. He got his PhD in Economics from UCLA in 2008, after obtaining MA and undergraduate degrees in economics from the University of Athens. He was a postdoctoral researcher at the decision sciences department of Bocconi University, and a fellow of the Dondena Center from 2008 to 2012. He became Lecturer in Economics at the University of Southampton in 2012, and Associate Professor in 2015.

His research interests include Economics of Science, Behavioral Economics and Political Economy. His approach is very interdisciplinary, publishing in diverse disciplines such as Economics, Research and Innovation, Political Science, Psychology, and Biology. He advocates cross-fertilization between different disciplines: from the biomedical disciplines and meta-research to social sciences, but also from social sciences to other disciplines. He has a long experience organising and interacting with interdisciplinary research teams, and 2015 he co-organized the first conference on reproducibility with a focus on economics. Since then, he has been participating in activities organised by various research centres that focus on reproducibility, scalability, and the science of using science.

His main interest lies in using economic tools to assess proposed reforms of scientific practices, and using by meta-research insights in economics and other social science fields.  He focuses on the workings of the academia, using applied economic theory and experiments as his primary research tools. He is also interested in the determinants of public perception of experts.

Zach has published at international journals across several disciplines, such as the American Economic Review, Economic Journal, Research Policy, PLOS Biology, Behavioral and Brain Sciences and American Economic Journal: Micro. He has also been serving as associate editor at Research in Economics and guest editor at the Economic Journal.