According to the Statutes of the Student Union of the University of Cyprus (SUUCY or FEPAN), which the Student Clubs' Coordination Commitee (SCCC) is part of, "the Coordination Committee... coordinates the work of the clubs and is the link between the Administrative Council of FEPAN and the clubs"(Article 9, θ). Based on the article, a committee  known as "SCCC" or "SEOPK" is being established and it is composed by 5 members (4 elected by the Clubs/ 1 from F.E.P.A.N). The incumbency of SEOPK is annual and starts after the establishment of their Board based on elections launched by FEPAN. These elections are launched by the Administrative Council of FEPAN every spring semester. Rights for candidacy are given to every interested active member of each operable club.
The members of SEOPK elect, by absolute majority, the President, Vice President Treasurer and Responsible Representative for Interior and External Affairs. 
The fifth member is the organizing of F.E.PAN. that functions mainly as a secretary.
The purpose of the SEOPK
Student Clubs' Coordination Commitee must contribute to the effective coordination of the clubs and their work. Additionally to create an operational framework that the Clubs can communicate with each other and other Stakeholders. It also aims to highlight all the clubs and foster their promotion within or outside the University, as well as to support them in every possible way. More specifically, the coordination of the Student Clubs' work includes promoting cooperation, problem solving and coordination for the management of 312 (financial allocation) on behalf of clubs. Furthermore, it is the representative body of the Clubs and of students in Academic Committees and generally in various events and partnerships.
SEOPK and the Clubs individually and as a whole, promote cooperation with external partners in order to improve the quality of their actions. At the same time, it gives more opportunities to the students and to our student community, related to networking and employment possibilities.
In cooperation with the University and external partners, SEOPK participates in committees of the University of Cyprus (Committee on Student Life and Student Affairs, Association of Student Welfare) and create partnerships with departments or services of our and other Universities. In addition we also create partnerships witm external organizations either semi-governmental, NGOs etc.
Examples of our collaboration are the Counseling-Psychological Support Office of University of Cyprus, European Office Cyprus, Cyprus Youth Board, Cyprus Youth Council but also caryy fundraisings with the Student Life Office, like Radiomarathon, Route Christodoulas, Association of Cancer Patients and Friends etc.