It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Univerrsity of Cyprus Student Clubs' website!
This website aims to provide you with the opportunity to get to know better all the Student Clubs and their activities. An opportunity to get closer to them and their composition, which operates by students for students since 1992.
The Student Clubs' main mission is to offer opportunities and activities to members of the University's community and  to the general public. As a body, it acts as a fruitful ground of active students who aim on their personal and general development through their interests and hobbies.
From the moment you register at the University of Cyprus, do not miss the chance to meet our Student Clubs, which will be able to contribute a lot to your student life and give you unforgettable moments. The participation in Clubs enables students to apply their own interests, university or non-university, as well as their hobbies. Promoting volunteerism and participation, as a Body, but also each Club individually, we cover a wide range of interests, such as music, dance, social services, arts, photography, cinema, sport etc.
As a chance of acquaintance, the Coordination Committee Clubs of University of Cyprus, organizes each September, the Student Clubs Night where you have the opportunity to learn about the actions of each club and join them. Through your participation, you can have fun, learn and offer. Taking part in the activities of the clubs you develop yourselves, develope skills, and based on your involvement, you could also receive a certificate of participation. With your active participation in the clubs or on their councils, the Student Life Office prepares you Participation Certificates. These certificates could strengthen your image for future employment, but also be consider as a plus in applications for postgraduate studies.
As students you have the opportunity to become members for all the duration of your studies, through your registration to the Club or Clubs which represent you. Additionally, you have the right to establish a new one that represents your common interests with other students. As a Body we consider that your involvement and your participation in the actions of the Clubs, they enhance your profile, offer you unforgettable moments and friendships which could last even after the end of your studies.
To learn more, please contact by phone or email with the Student Clubs Coordination Committee, the Student Life Office or directly with the Club that interests you.
As student who have experienced  this unique experience and continue to do so, we assure you that such participation could perhaps be the most important one during your student life.
For more information about the Student Clubs which run at the University this semester,
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On behalf of the Student Clubs of University of Cyprus
the Coordinating Committee Clubs UCY