Planning / Design
Infrastructure Works for Phase I, addressed a variety of goals targeting to facilitate the smooth, safe and sustainable operation of the Campus and comprised the construction of the following:
  • Internal road network
  • Pedestrian and cycle routes
  • Car parks
  • Energy centre and hot-cold water distribution network
  • EAC substation and power distribution network
  • Water supply and sewerage networks
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Distribution of hot-cold water for air conditioning
  • Open air spaces and landscaping
Design Team
The design of the project was undertaken by the Campus Development Office (CDO) in collaboration with YRM Consultants. The coordination and supervision of the project was the responsibility of the Campus Development Office.
'The MDA Partnership' office was appointed for quantity surveying services and consulting.
Project Description / Uses
The Infrastructure project entailed the construction of the internal road network which links the public road network with the Campus. At the points of conjunction, three nodes have been constructed and signify the three entries to the Campus; north, east and west.
The road network of this phase creates a ring inside the Campus which is about 2 Km long. Pedestrian and cycle routes have been built alongside, enhanced with planting and lighting.
A highlight of the pedestrian network is the construction of the 'Belvedere' pedestrian road which joins two major zones of the Campus; the public buildings area and the academic buildings zone. The Belvedere is built at an advantageous location maximising views to the whole Campus and the nearby Athalassa forest and Aronas hill.
At this initial infrastructure phase, 465 parking places were constructed and green bands have been planted to segregate parking from other Campus areas.
Importance has been placed in upgrading the natural environment of the Campus through the planting of trees, various green and careful landscaping.
Within the framework of the project, two separate buildings were constructed; to the west the Electricity Authority Cyprus (EAC) substation and to the north-east, the Energy Centre.
Along with the EAC substation project, the works regarding the power network, the voice and data and the road lighting were completed as well.
The Energy Centre building project included the central system for the production of hot-cold water, the central distribution pumps, and the supply system for the heating and cooling of the individual Campus buildings.
Additionally a Sewage Treatment Plant has been constructed, including the network for the supply of processed water. This water circulates in a separate circuit which provides buildings with grey water and is used for irrigation.
Project Construction
Construction for the infrastructure works and services – Phase I began in May 1999 and was completed in January 2002.
Project Cost
The cost for the construction works, amounted approximately to €8.573.000 (excluding V.A.T.).
Building Contractors
The implementation of the construction works of the project, was undertaken by the firms shown below:
Main Contractor:
Charilaos Apostolides & Co Ltd
Electrical Subcontractor:
A Eracleous Electrical Instalations Ltd
Mechanical Subcontractor:
Caramondani Bros Ltd
Subcontractor for Sewage
Treatment Plant:
C P Envirosystems Ltd & Cyprus Waterworks Co Ltd
Subcontractor for Irrigation /
H E Horticultural Enterprises Ltd