New Building Facilities
Faculty of Engineering
The Faculty of Engineering will be a highly important and vital scientific and technological constituent of the University Cyprus, qualifying and responding to the demands of the most modern research centres engaged in innovation and applied technologies worldwide.
The design of the new facilities of the Faculty of Engineering is the outcome of an international design competition which was conducted by the University of Cyprus for this very specific purpose. Currently, the design is in its final stage and construction is expected to begin in 2016 and be completed in 2019.
The building complex will house the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MME) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) as well as the Deanery of the School.
The design concept of the building complex is governed by the intention to promote a distinct identity for each of the three Departments and is expressed in three towers which literally grow out and elevate above the ground while taking advantage of the unique view of Aronas hill which dominates the region.
Furthermore aesthetic and structural choices compose a dynamic spatial reference point on Campus which strongly expresses the multidimensional and innovative aspects, in particular of the research work which characterizes the academic orientation of the three Departments.
Visitors of the Campus will be able to identify from a distance the three Departments as autonomous units of a daring and flexible building complex. The design equalling pioneer work abroad is expressed in a modern architectural vocabulary which successfully accommodates, facilitates and projects the scientific activities of the Faculty of Engineering.
The use of renewable energy sources in combination with the in-depth exploitation of energy efficiency parameters are also reflected in the project through the articulated cover of the elongated central court space which is superimposed with multiple energy shading units- carriers of photovoltaic panels. Furthermore, the most sophisticated forms of geothermal systems will be installed in the project in order to exploit the energy loads of the subsoil as well as the rich water aquifer of the Campus.
The gross area of the building facilities of the Faculty of Engineering is 30.000 sq.m. divided in a balanced manner among the three Departments. Another 1.000 sq.m. will be used for housing the Research Centres of the three Departments and additional spaces will be provided at basement level for parking and storage.
The estimated cost of the project is 55 million euros (VAT excluded).
It is envisaged that with the completion of the new facilities of the Faculty of Engineering, the Campus will be enriched with a building complex which will constitute a landmark representing in a powerful way the research activity of the University Cyprus. The materialisation of this project will also enhance and accelerate the influx of European Research funds in Cyprus and at the same time create employment for hundreds of Cypriot scientists of clear research orientation.