Welcome to the website of the Technical Services and the Campus Development Office of the University of Cyprus.

Our mission is to provide and manage the building facilities of the University of Cyprus and to create a modern, flexible, functional and high-quality built environment, which serves the needs of the University regarding teaching, research and social contribution while enhancing the vision to become one of the top universities in the international arena.

We aim to satisfy the users of the academic community and the wider public through high quality facilities in a rich natural environment, inviting and easily accessible to all, autonomous in terms of energy supply and of low energy consumption.

The adoption and implementation of the University of Cyprus Masterplan is of outmost importance in the materialisation of a planned, controlled and modernised Campus development.

Our main objective is the promotion of sustainable, green and smart strategies to be applied to all new building facilities and overall campus area of the University, thus contemporary parameters that serve the specific goals are incorporated in the projects’ specifications. New projects are targeted to achieve high-level certifications in terms of sustainable development and climate change mitigation and older projects are upgraded to meet higher energy and environmental targets as well.

In the fulfilment of the aspiration to implement the ambitious project of the University Campus, a special note should be made to the continual support of the Republic of Cyprus and the European banks; EIB and CEB, which finance the projects, as well as to our fellow citizens-benefactors who have contributed with remarkable donations to the implementation of our development program.

Our teams’ concern remains to "return" to the State and society, through transparent procedures and good administration, high-level user-friendly and functional facilities in a safe and healthy environment.


Vassos Olympios
Head of Technical Services
Director of Campus Development Office