General Information

Turkish Studies deal with Turkish and other Turkic languages, history, literatures and cultures, from the first written evidence of Turkish language in the 8th century up to the present. Various sub-disciplines of Turkish Studies have emerged: Turcology or Turkic Studies are concerned with the entire spectrum of Turkish languages and literatures. Ottoman Studies are devoted primarily to the languages, history and culture of the Ottoman Empire (13th-20th centuries). Modern Turkish Studies deal with the politics, literature, economy and society of Turkey in the 20th century. Islamic Studies are, on the one hand, an integral part of Ottoman Studies and Modern Turkish Studies, and on the other hand serve as connecting link to Middle Eastern peoples (mainly Arabs and Iranians), their languages and cultures. Turkish studies also include the study of the Balkan peoples in relation to the Ottoman and Turkish world. 

Turkish Studies at the University of Cyprus cover many of the above mentioned areas of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies. Thematic emphases are set in particular by the local and regional contexts and especially of the Turkish Cypriot Community, as well as of the wider region; by the interests and orientation of the department's staff; and by the employment prospects and possibilities for future academic work on the part of the department's graduates.