Welcome to the T-RADEX International Conference!

Nicosia, Cyprus – 31 October - 2 November 2024

T-RADEX aims to bring together scholars working on any form of radical, extreme or extremist narratives from a translational, cross-cultural, multilingual and intercultural perspective.


Participants are invited to consider the role of translation in reproducing, manipulating, and spreading such discourses or to examine how extreme or radical narratives unfold in cross-cultural and/ or intercultural communication. T-RADEX aims to shed light on any form of extremist discourse / extreme or radical narrative that goes beyond what the majority considers extreme / extremist or radical. Such narratives can be found in both far-right and far-left discourse, and include radicalization discourse, social and/or exclusion narratives based on sexual orientation and gender.

T-RADEX welcomes papers using a diverse range of perspectives and approaches to translation and cross-cultural communication, including Critical Discourse Analysis, Narrative Theory, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Appraisal Theory, Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis, and Social Semiotics. We are inviting papers based on a variety of contexts (mainstream and alternative media, social media platforms), types of translation (translation, adaptation, localization, audio-visual translation, including dubbing and subtitling of videos of extreme or extremist content) and cross-cultural communication.

Call for papers