The current circumstances and challenges prove once again that the environment is constantly changing. The University of Cyprus must develop into a flexible organization that adapts to the changes and challenges of the external environment, so as to remain competitive and pioneering. The University Development Service aims to identify and anticipate such challenges, so as to make recommendations to the leadership of the organization, in a wide range of activities such as:

  • Submission of suggestions regarding the University’s activities in innovative areas and development projects.
  • Introduction of advanced systems and redesign of structures and processes with the aim of optimizing resource utilization.
  • Management of existing and submission of suggestions for the introduction of new commercial activities.
The mission of the University Development Service is to contribute to the establishment of the university as a model organization of transparency and fair administrative practices that is constantly developing and improving. Furthermore, it support all members of the university community to improve their field actions and develop new ones through,
  • the preparation and submission of recommendations concerning the evolution of the university in order to consolidate as an organization of Excellence, Research and Innovation
  • the management and introduction of new commercial activities.
Through its processes, the University Development Service contributes to the achievement of a variety of strategic and operational objectives of the university, such as:
  • To enhance the competitiveness and international recognition of the university among the world’s leading universities.
  • To make the university a model organization of transparency and fair administration, through optimal organization, high quality processes and excellence of staff.
  • The development of the university and its financial empowerment, through the development of new sources of revenue and effective resource management.
For the implementation of its mission, the University Development Service has been organized in the following two Sections:
2. Organization and Methods Section