The mission of the Commercial Activities Management Section is the continuous, focused and uninterrupted provision of quality services (by the respective administrators) to the university community. It focuses on the revitalization of the university campus as well as on its optimal contribution to the revenues of University of Cyprus.

Operations’ Directorate Office Objectives (
      • Significant improvement in the degree of satisfaction of the university community and especially of the students.
      • Increase in the revenues of University of Cyprus from the utilization of the social activity spaces of the total of buildings available and from the rental of the halls and other spaces managed by Operations’ Directorate Office (ODO).
      • Restaurants, coffee shops, cafeteria areas and shops to have 100% operation.
      • Reduction of the required time of the tender bidding process from the initial stage up to the assignment and operation of the project. (ODO) also focuses on its optimal contribution to the revenues of University of Cyprus.
      • Full utilization of all available / empty spaces / stores so that the university community is served to the maximum available capacity with the right choice of services.
      • The Social Activities Building to become a gathering place “hub” of students and staff inside and outside classes, enhancing student life on campus.
      • Increase of visitors in the areas of social activities.
Express Services Office Objectives ( 
      • Complete management of the process of issuing and delivering the University Card (university community and external associates and clients).
      • Guiding the university community on the process of solving a problem.
      • Operation of a call-center and e-mail messages management for better communication of members of the university community (and external partners) with the university as well as for the reception of requests or the provision of information. Guiding the members of the university community / clients on issues of procedures and to enhance and monitor their service by the relevant Departments / Services of the university.
      • Explanation and clarification of responsibilities of the various organizational entities.
      • Immediate management and handling/forwarding to the university authorities of issues that due to lack of legislation or policy, Organizational Entities are not mandated to address / handle the issue.
      • Other issues that hinder the daily effective operation of the university.
Services Provided Provider Tel. Contact
Management of public contracts/tenders for commercial activities Athos Chrysafis 22894450/4174/5555
Management of electronic booking system of halls and other spaces Emily Patsalidou 22894484/4174/5555
Secretarial support – Commercial Activities Management Section
Express Services Office 22894552/5555