Welcome to The Daphne III Programme (JLS/2008/CFP/DAP/2008-1) entitled "An indirect harmful effect of violence: Victimizing the child and Re-victimizing the woman-mother through her child's exposure to violence against herself, sensitizing and creating awareness through research-product material, both transnational and differential according to the partner-context".
ACRONYM= VI.C.T.I.MS (VICTIMS) VI-ctimizing C-hildren T-hrough I-njuring M-otherS
The VI.C.T.I.MS project is an Interdisciplinary Research programme, which has been founded by the European Commission, DIRECTORATE 4-GENERAL JUSTICE, FREEDOM AND SECURITY, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship. The research has been realized in the context of the activities of the UNESCO´ s Chair on Gender Equality and Women´ s Empowerment with the participation of three countries-partners of the Chair: Italia, Romania, and Slovakia.
This project aims to contribute to the promotion of awareness and to the sensitization of target groups (Women's and Children's organizations - GO's and NGO's, Parents' Associations and School Sectors such as Teachers' Associations), beneficiaries (parents-especially mothers and children) and the general public respectively, who are directly and/or indirectly related with children aged 9-11, to the indirect harmful effects of violence against women to their children if directly exposed. This will be reached by: a) the production of research-product guidelines and standards for the development of informational, web-based counselling, TV broadcasting and educational material, and b) the organization of seminars and university courses for teachers in order to increase their capacity to protect the at-risk exposed children.
Prof. Mary Koutselini
The co-coordinator of the Programme
Curriculum and Instruction
Department of Education
University of Cyprus
Chair holder of UNESCO Chair on Gender Mainstreaming and Women Empowerment