The Economics Research Centre (CypERC) belongs to the Department of Economics at the University of Cyprus. The Centre aims at high quality policy-oriented research in economics. The CypERC is financed by organisations in Cyprus and the European Union such as the Economics Research Council grants through competitive funding procedures, as well as monetary contributions from the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Cyprus, the National Research Innovation and Promotion Foundation, banking institutions, government and other private institutions.

The Centre is managing a number of high-impact projects and has a team of experts and researchers to respond effectively and timely to economic policy questions and research needs in a rapidly changing economy. The Centre benefits from the expertise offered by established academics in Cyprus and internationally who participate in the Centre as Research Associates and Fellows.
The Centre has hosted three prestigious Economic Research Council (ERC) grants as well as an ERC Chair, among others. In addition, the Centre aims at encouraging economists of high calibre to become involved in research on subjects of interest to the Cyprus economy. It also aims at serving as a channel for directing local and European research funds to economic research. Among the objectives of the CypERC is to study subjects of wider economic interest and publish articles in international academic journals as well as to contribute to economic policy formulation in Cyprus using the current state of the art techniques. Recent example is the Economic Impact Assessment of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP).

The research activities at the Centre are divided into the following categories:

  • Economic Policy Modelling and Analysis
  • Economic Activity Indices and Macroeconomic Forecasts
  • Employment and Labour Conditions
  • Financial and Banking Modelling and Analysis
  • Income Distribution and Social Mobility
  • Productivity and Competitiveness Analysis
  • Welfare and Social Provision

The research output of the above is disseminated by publications distributed to a large number of electronic subscribers and used by economic policy makers. These publications are also placed on CypERC's webpage.

CypERC is managed by the Council and the Academic Council:
• The Council suggests topics for research and is composed by representatives of the University, the Government and the private organizations which contribute financially to CypERC.
• The Academic Council is composed by co-ordinators of research programs and oversees the organisation and execution of research.