Welcome to the Economics Research Centre!

We welcome you to the website of the Economics Research Centre (CypERC) which belongs to the Department of Economics at the University of Cyprus.  The Centre aims at high quality research in economics and especially economic policy-oriented research related to Cyprus and Europe.  Research at CypERC also aims at results of high academic standards with wide international interest.

The main objective of CypERC is to contribute to the economic debate in Cyprus by disseminating research results with policy implications obtained from in-depth analysis and state-of-the-art empirical investigation. Each year, CypERC publishes 10-12 Working Papers the results of which are summarised in a Newsletter circulated to a wide audience. Furthermore, circulated in Cyprus and abroad are monthly, quarterly and periodically published bulletins describing and analysing current economic issues. Such bulletins include 'Business and Consumer Surveys', 'Economic Outlook', 'Productivity Analysis', 'Economic Policy Commentary' and the 'Cyprus Composite Leading Economic Index (CCLEI)'. CypERC also publishes the bi-annual journal Cyprus Economic Policy Review, which contains articles selected through a swift but rigorous refereeing procedure aimed at safeguarding high quality research output with conclusions of policy interest.


A very important project for the Cyprus economy, which has been assigned to the CypERC by the Ministry of Finance, relating to the reform of taxation in Cyprus.