The Centre for Life Long Learning, Assessment and Development (KEPEAA) has collaborated with the following entities:


  1. Cyprus Airways
  2. Marfin Popular Bank
  3. Pafos Aphrodite Festival Cyprus
  4. PriceWaterHouseCoopers
  5. World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations
  6. Open University of Cyprus
  7. Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council
  8. Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus
  9. Electricity Authority of Cyprus
  10. Cyprus State Fairs Authority
  11. Cyprus Ports Authority
  12. Cyprus RadioTelevision Authority
  13. Cyprus Telecommunications Authority
  14. Cyprus Police
  15. Cyprus National Guard General Staff
  16. Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus
  17. Office of the Commissioner of Administration (Ombudsman), Republic of Cyprus
  18. Office of the Commissioner of Telecommunications and Postal Regulations,Republic of Cyprus
  19. Municipality of Agios Dometios, Cyprus
  20. Municipality of Aglantzia, Cyprus
  21. Municipality of Aradipou, Cyprus
  22. Municipality of Geroskipou, Cyprus
  23. Municipality of Deryneia, Cyprus
  24. Municipality of Engomi, Cyprus
  25. Municipality of Kato Polemidia, Cyprus
  26. Municipality of Lakatameia, Cyprus
  27. Municipality of Latsia, Cyprus
  28. Municipality of Limassol, Cyprus
  29. Municipality of Nicosia, Cyprus
  30. Municipality of Mesa Geitonia, Cyprus
  31. Municipality of Paphos, Cyprus
  32. Municipality of Pegeia, Cyprus
  33. Municipality of Polis, Cyprus
  34. Municipality of Strovolos, Cyprus
  35. Cooperative Central Bank Ltd, Audit Office of Cooperative Societies, Cyprus
  36. Paphos Greek Cooperative Savings Bank
  37. Cyprus Technical Chamber
  38. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
  39. Nicosia Greek School Board
  40. Cyprus Institute of Public Relations
  41. Center for Information on Drugs and Drug Addiction Treatment (KENTHEA)
  42. Cyprus Sports Organisation
  43. Cyprus Tourism Organisation
  44. Central Agency for Equal Distribution of Burdens, Cyprus
  45. Community Council of Yeri, Cyprus
  46. Community Council of Kato Pyrgos, Cyprus
  47. Community Council of Kornos, Cyprus
  48. Community Council of Lymbia, Cyprus
  49. Community Council of Mesogi, Cyprus
  50. Community Council of Peristerona, Cyprus
  51. Community Council of Sia, Cyprus
  52. Community Council of Chloraka, Cyprus
  53. Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation
  54. Cyprus Land Development Corporation
  55. Cyprus Health Insurance Organisation
  56. Cyprus Agricultural Insurance Organisation
  57. Youth Board of Cyprus
  58. Cyprus Housing Credit Organisation
  59. Pancyprian Association of Teachers of Financial Courses
  60. Pancyprian Cooperative Confederation
  61. CyBC Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation
  62. Aglantzia Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  63. Athiainou Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  64. Geroskipou Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  65. Kissonerga Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  66. Kourion Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  67. Kyperounta Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  68. Latsia Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  69. Lymbia Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  70. Xylofagou Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  71. Peyia Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  72. Poli Chrysochous Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  73. Simou Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  74. Solia Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  75. Stavros Minthis Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  76. Ypsonas – Lofou Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  77. Frenaros Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  78. Chloraka Cooperative Credit Society, Cyprus
  79. Sewerage Board of Nicosia
  80. Sewerage Board of Paphos
  81. Lympia Community Welfare Council
  82. Water Board of Larnaca
  83. Water Board of Limassol
  84. Water Board of Nicosia
  85. Cyprus Telecommunication Authority Cooperative Savings Bank
  86. Agios Dometios Cooperative Savings Bank
  87. Limassol Civil Servants Cooperative Savings Bank
  88. Cyprus Greek Secondary Education Service Cooperative Savings Bank
  89. Cyprus Commercial Sectors & Business Cooperative Savings Bank
  90. Cyprus Workers Cooperative Savings Bank
  91. Nicosia Cooperative Savings Bank
  92. Cyprus Army Cooperative Savings Bank
  93. Solia Cooperative Savings Bank
  94. Cyprus State Workers Cooperative Savings Bank
  95. Konia School Board, Cyprus
  96. Cyprus University of Technology
  97. Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (Environment Service,
  98. Veterinary Services, Department of Land Consolidation), Republic of Cyprus
  99. Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (Trade Service), Republic of Cyprus
  100. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Cyprus
  101. Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance (Department of Labour), Republic of Cyprus
  102. Ministry of Interior (Press and Information Office), Republic of Cyprus
  103. Ministry of Finance (Department of Customs and Excise, Department of Information Technology Services, Statistical service), Republic of Cyprus
  104. Ministry of Communications and Works – (Civil Aviation Department, Merchant Shipping Department, Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Department of Road Transport), Republic of Cyprus
  105. Ministry of Health (Medical Services, Mental Health Services)