The University of Cyprus has been established under the University Law 144/1989.

The mission of the University of Cyprus is the advancement of science, knowledge, learning and education by teaching and research.

The University of Cyprus is a public corporate body and is operating subject to the provision of its Law, Regulations, Rules and Internal Guidelines. THE UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS LAW 1989 TO 2019 (English translation and consolidation) (Document)

The University of Cyprus (Election, Evaluation and Upgrading of the Academic Staff) Statutes of 1996 to 2015

Rules of Evaluation for the Upgrading, Continuation or Termination of Employment of the Academic Staff


The Council of the University is responsible for the management and control of the administrative and financial affairs of the University and its property.

The Senate is the supreme academic body of the University and is responsible for the academic work of the University both in teaching and research.