The Promotion and Development Section is comprised of the Press and Media Relations Office and the University Development and Alumni Relations Office.
The Press and Media Relations Office represents the work of the University of Cyprus, acting as the point of contact for members of the press and other media representatives.
The Officers are responsible for maintaining the image of the organization, gaining publicity and disseminating information to members of the press or other media representatives. The Press and Media Relations Officers are responsible for planning and implementing communications inside and outside an organization. They ensure that the organization communicates consistent messages to all its different audiences, including students and prospects, employees, stakeholders, suppliers, donors/sponsors and the media.
Among the office's actions are included, among others, the organization of events, the implementation of communication and advertising campaigns, the production of communication material and the management of university memorabilia.
The University Development and Alumni Relations Office liaises among the University and the alumni community as well as with existing and potential donors and sponsors.
The Alumni Relations Officer is mainly responsible for the planning, designing, and execution of a set of extensive programs which involve a number of activities used to keep the alumni informed and render concrete benefits to them while the University Development Officer prepares all fundraising plans and ensure compliance to all company strategies and monitors all associate fundraising activities and carries out fund raising campaigns.