Head of Office
Demetra Demetri
University Officer A’
[email protected]
Scientific support
Christina Choplarou
Special Scientist, Project Support
[email protected]
Administrative Support
Christina Efstathiou
Administrative assistant
[email protected]
Office Email:
[email protected]


The Quality Assurance Office is under the general supervision of the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs and aims to support both internal and external quality assurance systems of the University.
A key responsibility of the office is to offer continuous and substantial support to the Institutional, Departmental, and Programmatic evaluation and accreditation. It also promotes the strengthening of Internal Quality Assurance through the implementation of projects and policies that enhance the quality of studies. Both the role and mission of the office are aligned with the University’s vision, mission, and strategic objectives as outlined in the 2016-2025 strategic plan.

The office’s main responsibilities include:

  1. Coordinating the evaluation process on an Institutional, Departmental, and Program of Study level
  2. Supporting Departments through the preparation of self-evaluation reports
  3. Briefing the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs about the progress of external evaluations and accreditations, new developments that may affect University operations, and the progress of quality action plans implemented on a Department basis
  4. Preparing and submitting suggestions, reports, and policies to the Vice-Rector
  5. Supporting administrative the Internal Quality Assurance Committee
  6. Studying and monitoring relevant legislation, regulations as well as decisions made by the CYQAA Council, that might affect the University’s operation
  7. Cooperating closely with the CYQAA agency for the organization of external evaluation and accreditation procedures
  8. Managing the re-evaluation system of the Departments and Programmes of Study
  9. Submitting the annual budget for the accreditation fees.