No.NameSupervisorLevelSemester of Entry/GraduationThesisPresentation of Research Proposal
1Antonia Sophocleous LemonariMarios C. PhocasDoctor2008/2012Adaptable Dual Control Systems 
2Maria MatheouMarios C. PhocasDoctor2011/2014Kinetic Hybrid Structures 
3Grigorios KalnisSocrates StratisDoctor2008/2016Collective Intelligence Networks: the case of Europan Architectural Competition Platform 
4Ilaria Geddes da FilicaiaNadia CharalambousDoctor2012/2017 Limassol as a Social Assemblage: A Diachronic Analysis of its Urban Form 
5Natasa ChristouNadia CharalambousDoctor2013/2018Rebooting Architectural Practic/s e: Generating Interactions In-Between  
6Konstantinos VasileiadisAndreas SavvidesDoctor2013/2018Building Integration of Active Solar Systems: Addressing Αll Scales of Intervention and Ensuring Τheir Active and Passive Integration Viability in Τhe Eastern Mediterranean Region 
7Kristis AlexandrouMarios C. PhocasDoctor2014/2018Hybrid Cable Bending-Active Structures  
8George TryfonosOdysseas KontovourkisDoctor2013/2019Ιntegrated Πrocess for Δesign and Ρobotic Ψonstruction of Εlastic Τensile Σtructures 
9Glykeria AnaxagorouNadia CharalambousDoctor2014/2019Everyday Public Spaces in Urban Neighbourhoods: The Case of Limassol 
10Despo ParpaAndreas SavvidesDoctor2014/2019Empirical Evidence of a Successful, Sustainability - Driven Adaptive Reuse: A Multiple Linear Regression Approach 
11Panagiota KonatziiOdysseas KontovourkisDoctor2014/2020Sustainable Design and Automated Construction of Mass Customized Structural Elements Through Adaptive Formwork 
12Ilias KranosChristos HadjichristosDoctor2012/2020The Award-Winning House and Characteristics of The Contemporary Architectural Culture in Cyprus 
13Chryso HeracleousAimilios MichaelDoctor2015/2021Climate Change Resilience of Educational Premises in Cyprus: An Examination of Retrofit Approaches and their Implications on Indoor Comfort Conditions and Energy Performance 
14Stavroula ThravalouMaria PhilokyprouDoctor2013/2021Natural ventilation as a passive cooling strategy of vernacular buildings in historic urban centres, in the Mediterranean climate 
15Maria Costi de CastrilloMaria PhilokyprouDoctor2011/2021Adobe Bricks from Built Heritage to Contemporary Sustainable Architecture. Experimental Investigation and Proposals for Site- and Use-specific Applications 
16Nektarios ChristodoulouAndreas Savvides / Nadia CharalambousDoctor2011/2021The Importance of Space and the Role of Planning in Contested Urban Environments: The Case of Famagusta 
17Chrystala PsathitiNadia CharalambousDoctor2016/2021Assessing educational environments: A temporal socio-spetial approach to lower secondary school buildings in Cyprus 
18Georgia DaskalakiPanayiota PylaDoctor2012 / 2022Water, Health and Leisure in Modern Greek Spa Towns 
19Eleni MalaktouMaria PhilokyprouDoctor2014 / 2023  
20Maria EnglezouAimilios MichaelDoctor2017 / 2023Natural Lighting Performance in Healthcare Facilities: A holistic investigation of the visual and non-visual effects on patients' comfort 
21Niki GeorgiouMarios C. PhocasDoctor2018/2024Deployable and Reconfigurable Linkage Structures 
22Christina PanayiNadia CharalambousDoctor2018/2024Co-Creation and Co-Governance Pedagogy in Architecture: Embracing a Sense of Belonging in the City 
23Stavroula MichailPanayiota PylaDoctor2015/2024‘Water of Peace’: Infrastructure and Conflict in Colonial and Postcolonial CyprusYES
24Styliana GregoriouAimilios MichaelDoctoral Candidate2015Adaptive Envelopes: Natural Lighting Performance οf Existing Buildings 
25Georgios KyriazisNadia CharalambousDoctoral Candidate2016The Architectural Imagery as a Systematic Procedure of Epistemological Value: the case of the 21st centuryYES
26Constantinos KyprisAndreas SavvidesDoctoral Candidate2016 YES
27Andreas KyriakidisAimilios MichaelDoctoral Candidate2016

Development of an Innovative Modular Brick Unit System based on an Integrated Design Approach

28Rafaela ChristodoulouNadia CharalambousDoctoral Candidate2017 YES
29Pelagia KavvalouChristos HadjichristosDoctoral Candidate2018 YES
30Elina TriantafyllidouAimilios MichaelDoctoral Candidate2018Lighting performance and Visual Comfort of Innovative Building Skins 
31Ioanna AnastasiadouMarios C. PhocasDoctoral Candidate2019Hybridization in Reconfigurable, Adaptive Compliant GridshellsYES
32Kyriacos MiltiadousChristos HadjichristosDoctoral Candidate2019The Architecture of Nostalgia. The case of Strovolos II Refugee Settlement in NicosiaYES
33Christina PalochiMarios C. PhocasDoctoral Candidate2019Energy-Driven Kinematics in Transformable Building Envelopes with Thin-Film PhotovoltaicsYES
34Eirini KyritsiAimilios MichaelDoctoral Candidate2019Mixed-mode Ventilation Strategies in University premises in Southern Europe 
35Danae ZachariaPanayiota PylaDoctoral Candidate2020Uneven Development in Postmodern LimassolYES
36Irini KlidaraNadia CharalambousDoctoral Candidate2020 YES
37Andreas KonstantinouNadia CharalambousDoctoral Candidate2020 YES
38Charis SergidisMarios C. PhocasDoctoral Candidate2020YES
39Andreas PanagidisNadia CharalambousDoctoral Candidate (Μarie Curie, «Re-Dwell»)2021YES
40Georgios TenentesAndreas SavvidesDoctoral Candidate2021  
41Effrosyni RoussouNadia CharalambousDoctoral Candidate (Μarie Curie, «Re-Dwell»)2021A Pedagogy of the Commons: The Co.Design.Build Housing StudioYES
42Panayiotis PanayiotouOdysseas KontovourkisDoctoral Candidate2021

Scan-to-HBIM for Digital Reconstruction, Maintenance and Restoration of Timber Roof Structures in Heritage Buildings

43Charis NikaSocrates StratisDoctoral Candidate2021  
44Konstantinos GounaridisChristos HadjichristosDoctoral Student2020  
45Ersia StylianouSocrates StratisDoctoral Student2021  
46Christos GeorgiouOdysseas KontovourkisDoctoral Student2022  
47Savvas DimitriouOdysseas KontovourkisDoctoral Student2022  
48Elena KonstantinidouNadia Charalambous/ Maria PhilokyprouDoctoral Student2022  
49Andri ChristofidesSocrates StratisDoctoral Student2023  
50Mary MavrohannaPopi IacovouDoctoral Student2023