The Department is very active in a broad spectrum of research problems in the following areas:

• Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics and Cosmology
• Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics
• Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
• Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
• Theoretical and Computational Biophysics and Molecular Physics

The conducted research is reinforced via a strong network of collaborations with major international universities and research centres. Support is provided  through several competitive grants funded by the European Union, the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, as well as internal University programs. The promotion of a broad spectrum of research exposes students to state-of-the-art developments in Fundamental and Applied Physics, and assists in the technological upgrading and economic development of Cyprus.

The Department maintains an average number of 15-20 seminars per year, given by international speakers, covering a wide range of topics in Physics. The seminars consist of both specialized and general colloquium-type of talks. In addition, members of the Department have been active in the organization of international conferences for the dissemination of new results in their respective areas of research.

There are five Research Laboratories covering all main research areas of expertise of the Academic Faculty: Nuclear Physics, High Energy Particle Physics, Photonics and Optoelectronics and two Experimental Condensed Matter labs. In addition, the Department sustains state-of-the-art computational laboratories (linux clusters), dedicated to high-performance computations in the areas of Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics, Computational Biophysics and Molecular Physics, Gravitational Physics, Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics. The hardware and software of these laboratories has been obtained to a large extent via competitive research grants.

There are also six teaching laboratories for the introductory and advanced experimental courses and one computer laboratory.