To apply for a room, students must complete the housing application form. There are two different types of room application / evaluation procedures: one for Cypriots and Greek full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students; one for Erasmus and other exchange / international students. Full time Cypriot and Greek students, must submit their room application forms within the deadlines set for each academic year. These application forms are evaluated on the basis of three criteria: income, socioeconomic problems and distance of residence from the town centre of Nicosia.
Update 17/5/2024: The Housing Office will be accepting applications by Erasmus/visiting and other international students for accommodation at the Student Halls for the year academic 2024-2025 from Monday, 3/6/2024 09:00 until Thursday, 6/6/2024 23:59 (Eastern European Summer Time – GMT+3). Applications can be submitted only through this web form, which will be accessible only during the specified time period. Please note that no documents are required to be uploaded during application submission.

Accommodation to the Student Halls for Erasmus and international students is for an entire academic year (September-May) or for a semester. Tenants may remain at the Student Halls during the Christmas and Easter break.

Requirements and selection criteria
A very small number of rooms at the Student Halls (8 rooms) is offered to Erasmus and international students. Selection is based on the following:
  • Students intending to study at UCY for the entire academic year (September-May) have priority over students intending to study at UCY for only one semester.
  • Students who have not stayed in the Student Halls in the past have priority over students who are currently staying or have stayed in the past at the Student Halls.
  • For applicants who have the same priority based on the above criteria, the date and time the application was submitted is taken into account (first come, first serve).

  • Application submission
    Students interested for the entire academic year (September-May) or only fall semester (September-December) can apply only online, following the instructions given by the Housing Office, and the procedure takes place in early June. Students interested only for spring semester should contact the Housing Office by email ([email protected]). It should be noted that is it rarely the case that rooms are available for spring semester only.

    Rent and payment
    Once the Housing Office offers a room, the applicant must pay in advance a guarantee of €200 (refundable, unless there are damages or other outstanding balance) in order to reserve the room, as well as a monthly payment of €250 following instructions by the Housing Office.

    Accommodation rules
    During their stay at the Student Halls all tenants are obliged to comply with the Accommodation Rules. Any non-compliance with the Accommodation Rules may lead to penalties imposed.