General Information

Chemistry was first taught in the Department of Natural Sciences of the University of Cyprus, in 1992. The first Chemistry undergraduate students were enrolled in January 1994 and awarded the first degrees in Chemistry in June 1998. Since February 2000, the Department of Chemistry of the University of Cyprus has been operating as an independent entity.
Currently, the Department of Chemistry has sixteen (16) academic faculty and one Special Teaching Staff member. The technical and administrative staff consists of four Laboratory Technicians, two Secretaries, an Accounting Officer and an IT Assistant.
From the academic year 2017-2018, an upgraded undergraduate program was introduced which leads to the acquisition of a Chemistry Degree (4 years, 240 ECTS). In parallel with this program, the Department gives students of other departments the opportunity to obtain a minor degree in Chemistry. The Postgraduate Program of the Department offers the possibility of obtaining a Master's degree (M.Sc.) and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in almost all fields of Chemistry.
The Department promotes scientific knowledge and research in all areas of Chemistry, and aims to prepare high-level graduates to work in industry, private companies, governmental services and education. Our Chemistry graduates contribute significantly to the technological development of Cyprus.
The Department of Chemistry faculty are very active in cutting-edge research fields of Organic, Inorganic, Physical and Analytical Chemistry, that include Chemical Biology, Supramolecular Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, Heterogenous Catalysis, Computational, Polymer and Food Chemistry. The Department’s intensive research activities are aimed at applications in important fields such as health, energy, environment and have led to a significant production of research publications and successes in national and international research programs. Several graduates of the Department have secured academic posts both in Cyprus and abroad (UK and USA).