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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is in its third decade of operation at the University of Cyprus. The main objective of the faculty of our department is the achievement of the following primary goals, which were set upon its inauguration:

(a) To provide our majors with a solid and broad-based mathematics education that will allow them to pursue a variety of careers as well as graduate study, and

(b) To maintain a high standard of excellence in research that brings national and international recognition to the department and the university.

General Information

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, which belongs to the School of Pure and Applied Sciences of the University of Cyprus, was founded in 1989 and accepted its first undergraduate students in 1992. Its primary goal is the promotion of the various branches of Mathematical Sciences and their applications, through research and teaching.

The faculty of the department consists of tenured/tenure track members, members on yearly contracts, as well as visiting scholars (mainly from Greek Universities). The department offers courses not only to Mathematics and Statistics majors, but also to students from other departments, such as Computer ScienceChemistry, PhysicsBiological SciencesEducationPsychologySocial SciencesEconomicsBusiness AdministrationCivil and Environmental EngineeringElectrical and Computer EngineeringMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. The research areas of the faculty cover a variety of branches in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Probability and Statistics.

The undergraduate studies are based on a continuous evaluation system which leads to a Bachelor Degree (BSc) in Mathematics and Statistics. Also, we offer postgraduate programs which lead to a Master Degree (MSc) (Mathematical Sciences and Data Science), and/or to a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics or Statistics.

More information may be obtained from our Undergraduate Syllabus or our Postgraduate Syllabus which can be accessed from the category "Programmes of Study".
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