You can obtain a copy of your degree certificates or transcripts by placing an order via (e-ordering details). The prerequisite is to access your UCY alumni profile and update your personal information, using your credentials (email & password). The payment and the purchase can be performed when visiting in person the Academic Affairs and Student Welfare or the Graduate School. Otherwise, the order can be placed on line, followed by an online payment, and the documents will be delivered to the address you provide us with.
List of certificates:
  • grade transcript
  • degree certificate (of undergraduate or postgraduate level)
  • English translation of certificates and transcripts
  • certificate confirming you are currently enrolled as a student
  • certificate on the studies duration
  • Foreign language attendance certificate: €3

In addition, the graduate is also granted the Diploma Supplement (DS), which accompanies the degree, free of charge. This Annex contains information related to the nature, level, general education context, content and status of the graduate’s studies.

The money from the collections is deposited in the Student Welfare Association of the University of Cyprus.


The University, following an electronic request from the graduate, in which he/she must state his/her details (name and political identity number), undertakes to send the necessary supporting documents relating to the University of Cyprus (copy of degree, detailed score, Greek and English certificate of place of study) at DOATAP, with notification to the graduate. Afterwards, it is the responsibility of the graduate to apply electronically for the recognition of the degree through the DOATAP platform.

Hague Stamp/Apostile for documents issued by the University of Cyprus and only applies to students

The documents issued by the University of Cyprus are certified and must then be presented to the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Citizen Service Centers, for the purpose of obtaining the Hague Seal.

Details can be found here. In addition, all alumni can order a copy of the Diploma Supplement-DS. The DS is a document attached to a higher education degree aiming at improving international transparency and facilitating the academic and professional recognition of qualifications. It provides a standardized description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies completed by its holder. The first copy is provided free of charge upon graduation. Details regarding the DS form can be found on the EUROPASS centre website.

For clarifications and guidance on the certificates acquisition process please contact:

-The Helpdesk of the Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service (T.: 22894021/4064, E.: [email protected]), for undergraduate degrees,

-The Graduate School (T.: 22894044/4033/4034, E.: [email protected]), for graduate degrees

Kindly note that they are both housed in the University House “Anastasios G. Leventis” (Ground Floor, University Avenue 1, 2109 Aglantzia – Nicosia) at the UCY Campus.