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Campaign «Giving Back»


Our high-quality students come from various socio-economic backgrounds, while the diversity of our community contributes into building a dynamic learning environment. They are taught by talented faculty, as well as distinguished visiting colleagues from around the world. Our aim is to enhance their personal growth and development so that they can thrive professionally, while being able to tackle some of the most exciting issues of our century with the skills they will have acquired.

A significant number of students need our support in order to continue and complete their studies. The main areas for which students request funding are:

– Housing
– Commuting
– Accommodation and living expenses
– Participation in seminars/conferences
– Educational trips abroad
– Participation in cultural activities
– Equipment, e.g. computer
– Educational material – purchase of books, subscription to scientific journals, etc.
– Attending language courses or acquiring other specialized knowledge

The “Giving Back” Campaign will allow us to meet the financial needs of a larger number of students. Your contribution, regardless of its size, will allow us to to have an immediate and real impact.

Thank you for any contribution you can make to our campaign.

Watch the video of the campaign here.

The contributions for this campaign are made exclusively by alumni and senior students.
– If you are an alumnus/na, log into your profile (UCY Alumni System) to make your donation.
– If you are a senior student, log into your profile (UCY Alumni System), using your Banner credentials (UCY email & password), to make your donation.



The Office team is at your disposal to inform and assist you. For more information please contact us: P: 22894356/010/025, E: [email protected][email protected]


Campaign «Research Saves Lives»

The “Research Saves Lives” Campaign will allow us to fund scientific research specializing in the emergence and reappearance of infectious diseases, and for this purpose we call on local and global organizations as well as individuals to help us.

Within a few days, the University of Cyprus responded to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Our research staff is already working with partner organizations to study COVID-19 and its effects and to develop effective treatments and vaccines. In addition to research grants and traditional funding sources, donations will allow us to further fund research.

Academics from all disciplines in our university are gaining knowledge about the wider social and environmental impact of the pandemic, and many of our clinical researchers and medical school students have and are still volunteering to help fight COVID-19.

Your donation, regardless of its size, will allow us to have an immediate and real impact. Your support will allow us to fund research and make further progress in understanding and treating both coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

For any contribution you can make to our campaign, we thank you.


Our team is fighting the epidemic

Dozens of researchers across the University are working to combat COVID-19. Our research centers and researchers focused on supporting the COVID-19 research effort are presented below.




















If you would like to support the University of Cyprus and its students, you can do so online. If you would like to give by bank transfer you can do so via deposit in the bank account of the Bank of Cyprus: CY05 0020 0195 0000 3570 1319 4276. If you have any questions, please contact us:

E: [email protected] or [email protected]

T: +357 22894356.



Campaign Supporters




Pursuant to the Law on Income Tax of 2002 Law 118 (I) / 2002, companies and persons who make donations or contributions for educational or other charitable purposes to the University of Cyprus, which is recognized as a Charitable Foundation, may claim the deduction of the relevant amount when calculating their taxable income.
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