Restricted Elective courses offered by other departments:

-All courses offered by the Department of Business and Public Administration (BPA) and the Department of Accounting and Finance (AFN), with the exception of AFN 101 Financial Literacy, which counts only as an unrestricted elective course. Certain courses have prerequisites.

- The following courses from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (MAS):

Code Course name ECTS
MAS 101 Calculus I 8
MAS 102 Calculus II 8
MAS 121 Linear Algebra I 8
MAS 131 Basic Mathematics I 7
MAS 261 Probability I (MAS 101, MAS 102) 7
MAS 262 Statistics I 7
MAS 271 Numerical Analysis I 7
Note: Courses in brackets are prerequisites


  1. Elective courses in the Economics Department may not be offered when there is not sufficient demand or the required teaching staff.


  1. Restricted elective courses include all courses offered by the Department and selected courses from other departments of the University.

Unrestricted elective courses can be any course offered by any other department of the University but must come from three different faculties.

Students can choose their restricted or unrestricted electives in any semester based on their schedule.

Courses can take more ECTS than listed in the examples above provided the total credit load does not exceed the permitted limits per semester.


  1. Fourth year students can take up to two of the six postgraduate courses listed below, upon approval of the Department:

ECO 501 Microeconomic Analysis Ι (7.5 ECTS)

ECO 502 Macroeconomic Analysis Ι (7.5 ECTS)

ECO 503 Statistics and Econometrics Ι (7.5 ECTS)

ECO 551 Microeconomic Analysis ΙΙ (ECO 501) (7.5 ECTS)

ECO 552 Macroeconomic Analysis ΙΙ (ECO 502) (7.5 ECTS)

ECO 553 Statistics and Econometrics ΙΙ (ECO 503) (7.5 ECTS)