The Council is responsible for the management and supervision of the administrative and financial affairs of the University and its property. The Council prepares the annual budget of the University for the financial year commencing on the first of January and ending on the 31st of December in each year and ratifies or promotions of the academic and administrative staff of the University.
The Council of the University consists of 15 members:
  • The Rector and the two Vice-Rectors of the University
  • Two members of the permanent academic staff elected by all members of the academic staff
  • Four members appointed by the Council of Ministers (nonmembers of the University staff)
  • Three members appointed by the Senate of the University (nonmembers of the University staff)
  • One member representing the students of the University
  • One member representing the administrative staff of the University
  • The Director of Administration and Finance (Ex officio, nonvoting member)
The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the University Council are appointed by the President of the Republic from among the external members.
In cases where the Chairperson is one of the members appointed by the Council of Ministers, the Vice Chairperson will be one of the members appointed by the Senate and vice-versa.