The minor in Biomedical Engineering is an undergraduate program of studies that aims to provide a further specialization to the students of the University of Cyprus interested in the applications of Physical Sciences and Engineering to the Biomedical field. It is an interdepartmental program organized by the Departments of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Biological Sciences. The program aims at the undergraduate students of the University enrolled in all departments and the student can apply to the program in parallel with the major undergraduate studies. A requirement of the minor degree is that the student should register for at least 10 courses (60 ECTS) offered by the participating to the program Departments and belong to the field of Biomedical Engineering. At the end of the studies, the student will receive a minor degree in Biomedical Engineering along with the major degree in the field of its main specialization. The program is offered in the Greek language.

For information regarding the studies, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos.

For information about the application and deadlines to apply, please contact the secretary of the Department, Ms. Maria Markou at tel : 2289-2248 or  by email: [email protected].