2019 – CATSA Eminent Visitor Award by the Catalysis Society of South Africa (CATSA) to recognize excellence in catalysis research by overseas scientists and their significant contributions – Καθ. Ευσταθίου Μ. Άγγελος

2015 – “The Golden Badge “Laureate” for the Art in Organic Synthesis of Heterocycles” by the International Scientific Partnership Foundation, International Foundation “Cultural Heritage” Award – Καθ. Κουτεντής Παναγιώτης

2008 – Royal Award for Sustainable Technology Transfer by European Environment Agency –  Καθ. Ευσταθίου Μ. Άγγελος

2007 – “Nikos Symeonides” Award by Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation – Καθ. Ευσταθίου Μ. Άγγελος