General Information

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Education (FSSE) offers a dynamic teaching and research environment to about 2 thousand students and 75 faculty members. The Faculty is home to the Departments of Education, Social and Political Sciences, Law and Psychology.

The four Departments offer a significant number of popular programs across a broad range of disciplines, like Primary and Pre-Primary School Teaching, Journalism, Sociology, Political Science, Law and Psychology.

Apart from knowledge-based expertise in the various disciplines, FSSE students develop significant skills, enjoy internationalization opportunities, acquire practical experience through placement in public and private organizations, and are involved the cutting-edge research of the faculty.

Faculty research enjoys significant international recognition and the various disciplines of the FSSE rank remarkably high, given the faculty size, in the Shanghai, Times Higher Education και QS University Rankings.

The faculty participates in various bodies and organizations in Cyprus and abroad and offers expert advice on a number of important political and social issues.