Programmes of Study

What courses does the University of Cyprus offer?
The University of Cyprus offers a broad range of programmes of study at the Master (M.A, MSc and M.Eng.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) level in a wide range of subjects.

For a full listing please visit the online version of the Postgraduate Prospectus or the Listing of Programmes. For more detailed information regarding a particular course, please contact the appropriate department directly or see their individual website.
What is the duration of my programme of study? Master Programmes
The minimum duration for the Master programmes is three semesters, and the maximum period of study may be extended, for up to eight academic semesters.
What is the duration of my programme of study? PhD Programmes
The minimum duration for PhD programmes is 6 semesters, and the maximum period of study may be extended, for up to 16 academic semesters.
What documentation is required when applying?
When applying to the University of Cyprus, you are required to submit:
  • An Electronic Application.
  • Application through the Online Application System of the University
  • Two signed letters of recommendation.  Some departments require three reference letters, so before submitting your application, please read the Postgraduate Prospectus and any relevant departmental prospectus to ascertain the required number of reference letters. The Department may request additional confidential information from the referees. The reference letters could also be submitted electronically by the University Professors using the online application system.
  • Copies of university degrees or a statement of expected graduation in the month preceding enrolment in the postgraduate programme.
  • Transcripts as appropriate.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • A short statement (maximum two pages) of the student’s research goals and interests.
  • A preliminary research proposal for a PhD place (if this is stated in the departments regulations).
How do I obtain the necessary letter from the University of Cyprus in order to apply for my visa?
Students, who have been classified as “overseas”, are requested to contact the International Support Office of the University of Cyprus, ( or send an email at
How do I request a prospectus?
To access our online Prospectus, please click here, where the Prospectus can be downloaded in PDF format.

Applications for Admission

What are the admission requirements for postgraduate study at the University of Cyprus?
Admission requirements vary depending on the chosen programme of study. In general, all courses at the University of Cyprus require a good undergraduate degree for admission to postgraduate study. Some research programmes also require a postgraduate qualification (i.e. MSc). All applications are considered on their individual merit, taking into account a range of factors including previous academic performance, research or professional experience and references.

Specific entry requirements for individual courses can be found in the Postgraduate Prospectus and you are advised to make sure you understand the entry requirement before making a formal application.
Is there a deadline for application?
Yes, there is a deadline for applying to the University. The application should be submitted to the Postgraduate Studies Coordinator of the relevant Department by the 31st of March of each year for entry in the Fall Semester, and by the 31st of October for entry in the Spring Semester.
How do I apply for postgraduate study at the University of Cyprus? Can I apply on line?
Applications can be submitted ONLY electronically using the online application system  Paper application forms are not acceptable. Please remember that at least two reference letters are required to be submitted.


What are the requirements for a Master degree?
The requirements for the completion of the Master degree are the following:
  • Class attendance for a minimum of three semesters. The period of study may be extended, for up to eight academic semesters.
  • Successful completion of 90-120 ECTS at the postgraduate level (75 ECTS for professional programmes or more than 120 ECTS if the programme includes practical exercise), in accordance with the provisions of the programme of studies of the relevant department.
  • Other criteria set by the department, which may include the submission of a dissertation. Students with a Master dissertation from another Postgraduate programme are not exempted from the requirement to submit a Master dissertation for the current programme. If a dissertation is rejected, the student is allowed to resubmit the dissertation once more. Each Department is responsible for defining resubmission procedures.
What are the requirements for a Ph.D. degree?
Doctoral programmes consist of 240 ECTS of which at least 60 relate to the teaching part of the programme and at least 120 relate to the purely research part. The remaining workload relates to the comprehensive examination, the
preparation and presentation of the research proposal and the writing of the Doctoral Dissertation. Successful completion of at least 60 ECTS in postgraduate courses. If the student holds a Master degree or equivalent, he/she is wholly or partially exempt from this requirement. The required courses for Doctoral programmes may include up to two undergraduate courses from any Department. Success in a comprehensive examination by the seventh semester of studies. The nature and procedure for conducting and evaluating the comprehensive examination are regulated by the programme of study of the student’s own Department and in the special rules which might have been established. Presentation of proposal for Doctoral Dissertation. 
Is the attendance to the lectures mandatory?
Attendance is mandatory and continuous in all Departments.


How much does a Master programme cost?
The tuition fees for attending conventional Master programs at the University of Cyprus amount to € 5,125.
To the tuition fees of the postgraduate program of School Psychology of the Department of Psychology, is added a fee of supervised clinical practice of € 1,000 which is available for the hiring of supervision services by registered professional psychologists.
How much does a PhD programme cost?
Holders of a Master's Degree:
  • Total amount of tuition € 4,000 for holders of a master's degree.

Non-Master Degree Holders:
  • Total amount of tuition € 6,500 for non-holders of a master's degree (meaning that they complete the requirements of their curriculum and obtain the doctorate in 6 years / 12 semesters).
    Each year of study beyond 6 years with a maximum duration of study of 8 years (16 semesters) corresponds to a tuition fee of € 1,250 each year (€ 625 per semester). The maximum amount of tuition for doctoral programs is € 9,000.

Clinical Psychology Program (valid for all Doctoral Students):
  • To the tuition fees of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology is added a fee of supervised clinical practice amounting to € 1,000 which is available for the hiring of supervision services by registered professional psychologists.
Where can I pay my fees?

Tuition for students (excluding MBA students) is paid online by selecting the optionΗλεκτρονικές Πληρωμές (JCC SMART).

If I am offered a place on a course, when do I pay my tuition fees?
Together with the submission of the Registration Form you will have to pay an amount in advance. This amount is nonrefundable if the student leaves UCY or does not enrol in courses. Prior to the student’s enrolment in the courses the student must pay the fees.

Other Questions

What funding opportunities are available for postgraduate study at the University of Cyprus?
There are various sources of funding available at the University of Cyprus. Apart from scholarships offered by the State, the University of Cyprus may subsidize a postgraduate student who offers to work as an assistant in covering the needs of his/her department or other departments. Assistantships may involve assisting in teaching, tutorials, help with assignments, lab supervision, grading, etc. They do not apply to the research activity of the student nor to the research activity of the academic and research staff. Monthly earnings can amount to Euro 342 or Euro 683 for a maximum period of ten months.
The University of Cyprus also grants scholarships from its own income to postgraduate and doctoral students.
Does the University of Cyprus offer accommodation to students?
The University of Cyprus offers accommodation in a limited number of single, self-catering study bedrooms in the Student Halls, located on campus and in private apartments located off-campus.

Interested students must complete an application form, found on the web page of the University and send it to the Housing Office of the Student Affairs and Welfare Service . For more information and application forms, students should contact the Housing Office at email

Alternatively, students may search for off-campus accommodation on their own. Around the University, as well as throughout the city of Nicosia, there are several apartments available for rent.