a) Students accepted to the University of Cyprus must inform through the online system of applications that they accept the place. b) In order to secure the place offered to them, they must also pay electronically the deposit of tuition fees and an amount equal to €30 for the Student Medical Fund “Neophytos Handriotis” through the links of the acceptance letter (email) - through the JCC system only. c) Also, they have to upload the University copies of their University degrees/graduation certificate in case they did not.
The students should create an electronic account through the link by clicking here.

The electronic account provides access to the BannerWeb system, the email (WebMail) and to other systems and applications.

For more information please click here.
The issue of as student’s card is compulsory for all students. Among other applications, the university card allows students to access computers, to borrow books from the library, to use photocopy machines, etc. For the issuance of the student card, the students should apply online through the link.

For further information please conduct Express Services Ofiice
Fees should be paid before the registration in courses.

For more information on Tuition Fees for Fall semester 2022/2023, click here Payment of Tuition Fees

According to the Rules of Postgraduate Studies:

1. The University of Cyprus may cancel the enrollment of the student in the courses when it is established that he / she has not paid the amount of tuition required before the enrollment in the courses. Also, the University of Cyprus may not allow the student to enroll in one-semester courses if it is found that he/she has not paid the due tuition fees for courses he/she attended in previous semesters.

2. the advance payment of tuition fees is not refundable in case of withdrawal of the student from the University of Cyprus.

3. to a student who interrupts his/her studies and leaves the University of Cyprus until the 4th week from the beginning of the courses, he/she is refunded the amount he/she has paid before enrolling in the courses. The advance payment of tuition fees is non-refundable.

4. for each late enrollment of a student in a course, a fine of €50 per course is imposed, which is submitted in favor of the Student Welfare Fund.
Before registering in the courses of the semester, all students should pay an amount of €30 for the student’s solidarity fund “Neophytos Handriotis” (in Greek). This contribution is paid only electronically via the link. For the completion of the payment you should have a user account at the University of Cyprus as well as a user account at JCC.
Every semester the student enrolls in courses according to the requirements of his / her curriculum via the BannerWeb System. As a rule, the student can enroll in a given semester of study in courses that represent up to 30 ECTS. In the summer period he can enroll in courses representing up to 15 ECTS.

An increased load may be allowed in a given semester, beyond 30 and up to 45 ECTS, provided that there are special reasons submitted by the student to the Chairman of the department for approval, through a reasoned request accompanied by the detailed grade.

Course registrations are made:

Fall Semester: registrations for the courses take place in the first week of each semester before the beginning of lectures.

Spring Semester: registrations for the courses take place in the first week of each semester before the beginning of lectures.
All postgraduate students of the University of Cyprus at Master and PhD Level, will register electronically in their courses via BannerWeb System for the Fall Semester 2022/2023.

The registration in courses will take place in 11th and 12th January 2023, from 08.30 a.m. to midnight. For more information about courses registration please click here.

Add a course: Students can add a course from Wednesday 18 January 2023 until Friday, 20 January 2023, 12.00 noon.

Drop a course: Students can drop a course from Wednesday 18 January 2023 until Friday, 3 February 2023, 12.00 noon.

***Exception: Master in Intelligent Critical Infrastructure Systems (MSc):

Kindly note that students will be able to drop a course as follows:

- For the courses taught between 16/1/2023-10/03/2023 the last possible date to drop a course is January 30, 2023.

- For the courses taught between 13/03/2023-26/05/2023 the last possible date to drop a course is April 3, 2023.

Withdrawal from a course:Students can withdraw from a course since the 3rd week and until the 7th week of commencement of classes. Withdrawals are allowed, until 3 March 2023, midnight. This, withdrawal is recorded on the student’s academic record and transcript as a withdrawal.

Students can add a course by the end of the starting week of lectures and by the third week they can only remove a course.

A student can leave a course after the third and up to the seventh week inclusive from the beginning of the course. This leaving, is recorded in the student's transcript as withdrawal.

After the end of the seventh week the student cannot withdraw from a course. Leaving a course after the seventh week is automatically graded with zero.

Students who choose to withdraw from a course should inform the Graduate School.
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Every student gets one free Verification of Studies after the period of registration to the courses is over. There is a fee for more verifications, other certificates, academic transcripts or translations of degree and you can request them online.

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