Welcome Event for the new Academic Year

On Thursday 22/09 the Welcome Event for the new academic year took place! The event was followed by a reception, where we had the opportunity to chat with our students outside the teaching rooms.

 First Meeting with the external Advisory Committee of the Department

On Thursday 22/09, the first Meeting with the external Advisory Committee of our Department was held. The role of the Committee is, among other things:


(1) To provide advice, opinions and guidelines regarding issues of operation and future development of the Department.


(2) To strengthen the possibility of interaction of the Department with the professional branch of civil engineers and environmental engineers.


(3) To contribute to the promotion of the graduates of the Department and its work.


At the Meeting, issues related to the future and strategic plan of our Department have been discussed. The Advisory Committee comprises professional civil engineers, environmental engineers and chemical engineers who are active in highly-regarded organizations in Cyprus and abroad. 

Visit to Trilogy Limassol Seafront

Photographs from our recent visit to Trilogy Limassol Seafront. Many thanks to A.J. Pericleous LLC and Cybarco for hosting us.