The MBA Program aims to develop leaders with vision who are committed to converting their vision into reality. The students participate in a program that brings together high calibre individuals with diverse backgrounds and interface with faculty that excels internationally in both teaching and research.

Professional and Personal Growth Seminars

The MBA Program organizes various professional and personal growth seminars/activities for its students, which are in compliance with the academic curriculum. Such an event is the team building seminar, which is a full day induction seminar that includes a series of group exercises and activities which aim to create a positive and memorable learning experience for students. It also offers a basic introduction to effective communication and presentation skills. The team building seminar is an excellent opportunity for students to meet and also get to know the MBA Directors, faculty and MBA team while they work together for an entire day.




A broad range of teaching methods are employed in delivering the MBA curriculum in order to combine theory with practice and equip students with technical knowledge while at the same time enhance their softer skills. Student interaction during the lectures is vital and expected.

As specified in the syllabus prior to the commencement of each course, students are asked to perform a number of individual and group case studies and to lead in-class presentations or discussions on the topic at hand. Case studies, simulations, debates and role plays are a common in-class phenomenon.

The MBA Program is now located in new buildings within the University Campus where lecture rooms are designed specifically to support the interactive nature of its curriculum. Its devoted lecture rooms and amphitheaters support the diverse teaching methods with flexible classroom spaces for experiential learning, small-group leadership discussions and team-based sessions. The modern facilities, the Library, the devoted computer labs and the information systems services with the e-learning system (Blackboard) constitute a strong learning infrastructure.