We aim to pursue excellence that is internationally recognized via the creation, sharing, and application of new knowledge while building partnerships overseas, obtaining funding for research, and publishing in the top international academic journals.

Research excellence of the Department of Accounting and finance is proved through studies and international research rankings. The Department, based on a study by Arizona State University for publications in the top academic journals in the field of Finance, is ranked 187 (50) worldwide (in Europe) for the period 2010-2020.

Also, a study conducted by Brigham Young University on the quality of research in Accounting based on the number of publications in the leading academic journals in the industry, the Department is ranked 186 (17) worldwide (in Europe) for the period 2000-2020, in Financial Empirical Accounting research (archival financial research in accounting).

It is clarified that these studies rank the universities based on the absolute number of publications and not on the number of publications per staff, ie without any adjustment based on the size of the Department. This fact works in favor of the large Departments, which makes the success of the University of Cyprus even greater, given we are a small Department, with 11 members of academic staff. Also, the distinction of the Department of Accounting and Finance is even more important since the academics of the Department carry out their research along with a high teaching load.

It is understandable that the studies above highlight the quality of the research activity and consequently the quality of the Department’s study programs since the quality of teaching is intertwined with the quality of research. The Chair of the Department, Associate Professor Irene Karamanou, stated that the success of the Department of Accounting and Finance is not limited to the field of research. We are also proud of our graduates who secure positions in postgraduate programs at leading European and American Universities, as well as first prizes in global examinations for professional titles in Accounting. We are also pleased that graduates of all the Department’s degree programs, despite the financial crisis, are employed at a very high rate in their fields of study with most having job offers before they even graduate. The Department offers undergraduate programs in Accounting and Finance, as well as a postgraduate and doctoral program in Finance, while new postgraduate programs are under construction.