Information for UCY instructors:

Evaluation Questionnaires Processing System (this URL is valid for people who have the right to access the System – Single Sign On): As part of the e-University project the statistics results for the courses’ evaluation questionnaires will be available to instructos only online from Fall Semester 2015-16.

The guide manual for accessing this System is available in Greek only.


Information for UCY students:


All students are requested to submit the evaluation questionnaires for their courses via the BannerWeb system. Students will gain access to their grades the day after the questionnaires are completed.
  • Login to BannerWeb (via the AASW)
  • To see the BannerWeb Menu: press simultaneously Alt+M (or Option+M for Mac computers) OR select the menu icon on the left side of the page
  • Select «Personal Information»
  • At the bottom of the page select «Answer a Survey»
  • A list of available surveys will appear

General information:*Please note that some information may be available only on the Greek version of this website.

The information collected by the Evaluation Questionnaire is used by UCY to improve Study Programmes and the quality of teaching.

It has recently been revised by an ad hoc group, appointed by the Senate Committee on Studies and Student affairs, and by the KE.DI.MA. Board. In constructing the questionnaire a wide spectrum of questionnaires used at other universities were examined. Reliability studies that were undertaken both internationally, and locally at UCY were also taken into account (see Questionnaire Study at the University of Cyprus[in Greek] Appendices: ΑΒ).

The Questionnaire is completed by students online via BannerWeb
UCY teaching faculty do not have access to individual evaluations or any personal data. They only receive anonymous reports, after grades have been announced, with statistical information about the evaluation results of the whole class.

The Questionnaire is an important assessment tool. All suggestions from the teaching instructors and the students are welcome, please email us at: [email protected]

Decisions regarding the Questionnaire:

Since the Fall Semester 2005-2006 distribution has been compulsory for all instructors (Senate’s decision – 243th meeting [in Greek]).The following are exempted:

Courses which do not require class teaching – research stage, exams, thesis etc,

2. Courses with fewer than five registered students (decision of the Rector’s Council, meeting 5/2006 [in Greek]),

3. Tutorials (0 credit hours) (decision of the Centre’s Board, 19th Meeting, 8th June 2007), and

4. Seminars (decision of the Centre’s Board, 22nd Meeting, 9th June 2009).

According to a decision by the Rector’s Council (Meeting 29/2007), academic staff are responsible for each of their assigned courses and should therefore have access to the evaluation analyses for courses taught under their supervision by special teaching staff and postgraduate students. The academic staff can request a copy of the analyses from the Chairperson of their Department.

According to a decision by the Senate (16/12/2015, no 27/2015), from Spring Semester 2015-16 completing the Questionnaire is compulsory for students. Students will gain access to their grades the day after they submit the questionnaire for each of their courses.
The Senate has also decided that results from the questionnaires will be incorporated into the assessment portfolio for instructors. The Department Chair will also be given access to the results and if deemed necessary the Chair will seek solutions in cooperation with the Centre for Teaching and Learning Director.

According to a decision by the Senate (4/12/2018, no. 30/2018), (applied from Fall Semester 2018-19) additional access to the evaluation results has been granted as follows:

(a) to any course programme’s director who is not the Department’s Chair,

(b) when students from one Department are enrolled in courses of another Department,

(c) when a course programme is taught by different Departments, each Chair will be granted access for the courses taught by their Department.

English translations of the UCY Evaluation Questionnaires used:

1st Version (up to Fall Semester 2004-05) not available in English

2nd Version (Spring Semester 2004-05)

3rd Version (for academic years 2005-06 and 2006-07)

4th Version (from Fall Semester 2007-08 up to Spring Semester 2009-10)

5th Version (from Fall Semester 2010-11)

6th Version (from Fall Semester 2012-13)

7th Version (from Spring Semester 2012-13)

8th Version (from Fall Semester 2015-16)


Frequently Asked Questions about the Evaluation Questionnaire 


UCY Newsletter Article, Issue no. 10, October 2005 (page 13, in Greek)

UCY Newsletter Article, Issue no. 40, October 2011 (page 20, in Greek)

UCY Newsletter Article, Issue no. 47, March 2013 (page 17, in Greek)


Sources and research on students’ evaluation questionnaires:

Student Ratings: Myths vs Research Evidence, Vanderbilt University

Student Rating Myths Versus Research Facts from 1924 to 1988, Lawrence M. Aleamoni

Guidelines for Evaluating Teaching, Center for Research of Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan