The Centre’s Board

In accordance with the Senate’s decisions the current Board has been appointed as follows:

UCY decisions regarding the operation of the Board: (the decisions are available in Greek only)

In addition to the General Framework as approved by the University Senate, the following have been decided:

Replacing members: if a board member is replaced he/she will serve until the end of the tenure of the person being replaced. If the tenure is less than 1.5 years then this will not be considered as the 1st tenure and the board member will have the opportunity to serve for 2 more consecutive tenures.

Tenure: the Board’s tenure is 3 years with the right to renew for a second tenure.

Sabbatical leave: members of the Board on Sabbatical cannot participate in the meetings of the Board.



Former Directors:

Professor Charoula Angeli-Valanides, Dept. of Education 01 September 2019-31 August 2022
Professor Christos Xenophontos, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics 01 March 2017-31 August 2019
Professor Nikos Stylianopoulos, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics 11 September 2016-22 January 2017
Professor Stephanos Stephanides, Department of English Studies 11 September 2013-10 September 2016
Professor Euphrosyne Rizopoulou-Egoumenidou, Department of History and Archaelogoy 01 July 2011-31 August 2013
Professor Haralambos Panagopoulos, Department of Physics 04 June 2010-30 June 2011
Professor Mary Koutselini, Department of Education 08 April 2009-04 May 2010
Professor Tasos Christofides, Department of Mathematics and Statistics 06 December 2006-17 September 2008
Professor Haralambos Panagopoulos, Department of Physics 03 July 2003-02 July 2006