The Centre for Teaching and Learning in working towards the implementation of the UCY policy for Quality Assurance in Teaching, has under Area I: “Recognition and dissemination of good teaching practices and self-assessment of teaching” in Action: B. “Instruments for self-assessment and improvement of teaching”, developed a “Peer Observation” policy.

The policy was approved by the Senate (16/2019/ΣΥΓΚΛΗΤΟΣ) to be applied on a voluntary basis.

Policy and application steps (in Greek).

The Centre is working towards implementing the policy and will inform UCY instructors. On 17th April 2024 this policy will be presented in an open discussion for teaching staff. See here Open Discussions.

Training programme: Wednesday 5 June 2024 (Peer Observation Form – an example prepared by the trainer)

List of certified peer observers.


A guide from the University of Edinburgh: Guide to Peer Observation of Teaching, Institute for Academic Development