A message from the Director

Welcome to the Centre for Teaching and Learning!
The Centre was founded recently, in an effort by the University towards continuous enhancement of the Quality of Teaching.

There has been incessant development in the teaching activities at the University of Cyprus, in the 25 years (2014) since its founding. During this time, the University has undergone assessments by international organisations and committees, with very positive outcomes. Regarding teaching, the University must continually pose basic questions such as:

    • Is the quality offered in instruction of the highest possible level?
    • Are teaching methods and learning material being kept up-to-date?
    • Are new technologies in teaching implemented correctly and to an adequate extent?
    • Are instructors provided with all means of support, so that they can excel in their work?
    • What types of objective measurable criteria can be set forth to assess the quality of instruction?

A serious and continuous effort is required in order to address these questions and provide satisfactory answers which will be convincing to the University community, to the Cypriot citizen and to the academics and prospective students from Cyprus and abroad.

The Centre has an essential role to play in teaching. In order to succeed in its goals, it is imperative to attract the active involvement of instructors in its activities. We are confident that even the best instructors among us feel the need, perhaps more so than others, to continuously keep improving their teaching.

Operational Framework (In Greek)

Basic aims and goals of the Centre