The University of Cyprus MBA Program provides highly targeted ways for organizations to tap on the expertise of the faculty, gain visibility and build brand awareness with MBA students through sponsorships, scholarships, graduate recruitment and seminars.

Corporate Learning

An example of corporate learning, which MBA students have the opportunity to participate in is Coca-Cola’s annual Market Impact campaign. MBA students gain hands-on experience with merchandising strategies, contract negotiations and sales technique. The students join the Company’s sales teams and spend one day at the local headquarters where they have the opportunity to visit the production facilities and attend a presentation by the Commercial HR Manager and the MIT project leader who present the Company’s standards for merchandising and its objectives during the Market Impact Initiative. The MIT is an excellent opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and at the same time to network with one of the largest employers in Cyprus who has consistently been recruiting graduates of the Program.

Corporate Interactions

Part of the Program’s marketing strategy is to enhance business relationships, increase corporate interaction and awareness, and attract corporate investments. This falls within a broader initiative for the establishment of collaboration between the University, the industry and business world in order to maximize its contribution towards the society. To this end, the UCYMBA Corporate Advisory Board, consisted of prominent business people, plays crucial role. The Board was established in 2016 and the composition of it follows:

  • Mrs. Despo Lefkariti, Managing Director at DeLeMa McCANN
  • Mrs. Elena Tanou, Vice President at Top Kinisis Ltd
  • Mrs. Natalia Kardash, Director at Vestnik Kipra Communications Group
  • Mr. Christos Michaelides, Chairman of Cypronetwork Consultancy Group
  • Mr. Christos Mouskis, Executive Chairman of Muskita holdings
  • Mr. Christos Papaellinas, Chief Executive Officer at C.A. Papaellinas Ltd
  • Mr. Michalis Louis, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of Eurobank Cyprus Ltd
  • Mr. Stavros Ioannou, Managing Partner, Grant Thornton (Cyprus) Ltd

The Program’s corporate partners contribute to its overall success. Through corporate agreements, we expect our partners to hire our students, provide generous financial support, send executives who can bring a practitioner’s point of view in the classroom, offer opportunities to students to participate in off-campus activities, take part in the annual MBA Career Day and commit many other resources. Corporate partners are the first to schedule recruiting activities and presentations on campus because of their commitment to the students and the Program.

A number of cooperation agreements with companies across all industries have been completed. All agreements stipulate that companies offer an annual award to the best students of the Program and take part in joint activities, co-organize workshops on current issues in management and/or other events that will boost the skills of MBA students, alumni and members of the local business community.